Tune your meditation with a metal flower that tracks your brainwaves — and those of your friends

Can a handmade metal lotus flower, audio snippets of a teacher’s voice, and a brainwave headset reader help your meditation? One startup, Mindfulness, thinks so. T

The San Francisco-based company has launched a Kickstarter campaign that seeks $64,000 by July 23 to manufacture its first product, The Lotus. It features a colorful metal lotus flower — handmade in India — that fully opens when your brainwaves reach the set threshold. As you get there, an accompanying app on your smartphone offers audio feedback from a meditation instructor.

“Come back to your breath,” the instructor’s voice might say if your alpha brainwaves start to lag. Once the flower completely opens, it then slowly closes over a pre-set time, with the default being a day.

The brainwave headset — made by either InterAxon Muse or the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile —sends EEG output to the smartphone app. The smartphone communicates via Bluetooth with the metal lotus flower.”


Source: venturebeat.com