A Wearable Gadget Implanted in Your Hand Isn’t as Freaky as You’d Think | WIRED

Wrist wearables hark back to Dick Tracy’s watch; Google Glass is reminiscent of Arnold’s sunglasses from Terminator. These are all little limited in their imagination..

There’s new evidence that the next wave of wearables won’t be gadgets you strap on a wrist or tuck behind your ears. Instead, they’ll be tiny digital tattoos decked out with even tinier sensors, like this one by New Deal Design. They’re calling it UnderSkin, and it’s a flat pentagonal device that would be implanted just beneath the skin on your hand and charge off your body’s energy. It’s absolutely a concept (albeit one that the New Deal Design team believes will become a reality within the next five years), so understanding its functionality and its potential requires a little imagination.

Source: www.wired.com

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